In my work, my main focus is in the color patterns in an effort to invoke emotion and/or metaphorical symbols. The colors should project not only my emotions as the artist but also as an effort to be a reflection of the viewers reaction back onto the painting. My main inspiration has been the female figure and representation of femininity. This is established not only through the main focal point but in the brightness of the colors chosen. I enjoy working with sharp angles, repetition of shapes, and the rounded figures in my female subjects incorporating musical instruments to echo femininity and the many shades it carries. My paintings are a mixture of quick anxious taps to short flowing brushstrokes. I like my pieces to be light, colorful and happy but at same time adding the darker shades to contrast the warm colors as a grounding effort on the painting. The characters in my paintings are at times not as easily to catch, in an effort to persuade the viewer to look deeper into the piece. I am a believer in simplicity and beauty, light and fluffy. I allow the true meaning of my paintings to reach the viewer through a pseudo-happy bridge in order to lure them deeper into the metaphorical, political, emotional thinking behind it.